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Happy To Inform You that Due To Large Member Activation
Per Counter Earnings Increase
From 1 Rs to 2 Rs

Referral Earnings
100 Rs Per Member
Happy Earnings


what is form filling job ?

This is simple copy and paste work, we provide forms and messages, your work is just copy given matters and paste on forms

Basics of form filling job ?

Form filling job is based on online job

So need internet connection

Other Qualifications of this job ?

No age limit

This is not a time based program, no time limit

English knowledge is not required

computer operating knowledge not required

How much earn from this form filling job ?

Your Job is just copy and paste given matters,

One counter automatically count depending upon your form filling

when its reach 50 value you can withdraw your earnings

per counting = 2 Rs

Ex : 50 counting >< 2 Rs = 100 Rs

Any other way of earn extra income from this form filling job ?

You can earn from Referral earnings.Referral income means

you can join new member under you.Per member = 100 Rs

Ex : 2 Member >< 100 Rs = 200 Rs

This is MLM work ?

No .. you work is just copy and paste given matter .Do you want extra income you can join new members otherwise you can earn huge amount from form filling job

Earning process ?

This is daily basics income

Payment mode :

Money order

Bank transfer